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Alice Springs -Uluru -Kings Canyon

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Got to Alice in the afternoon, was able to see a lot from the plane, everything was pretty red from what I could see with the odd tree here and there. Just had quick look about the town when I got there and had an early night as it was a 6am start for the tour the next day. Tour started with a 5 hour drive to Uluru. Got to the resort and checked out the visitor centre and had a look at some aboriginal art. Then it was off to see the rock, it has lots of bumps and hollows up close so it was different to what I expected. Decided not to climb but did a lap around it which took nearly 3 hours.
Then we drove to a lookout to watch the sunset and eat our dinner with a nice cold beer. Set up camp back at the resort and sat around the fire for a bit before heading to sleep.
An early start the next day for a drive to see the sunrise over Uluru, pretty cool to see it so it was worth getting out of bed early.
Did another 3 hour walk of Kata Tjuta which was a bit more challenging than the previous day but we did it early in the morning to avoid the heat. Went to another campsite called Kings Creek where we settled down for the evening, was even able to get a decent coffee at the shop. Cooked kangaroo tail on the campfire, got to taste it and it wasn't half bad.
The last day of the trip was a walk about Kings Canyon, once we climbed Heart attack hill the trek got a bit easier and had fab views of the garden of eden and the rock pools. Bumped into my Aunt Brigid on the walk by chance and we both recognised each other after 8 years. After the walk we made our way back to Alice with a quick stop at a Camel farm where a Dublin guy was training the camels and doing camel rides. We got back a few hours before dinner time so had a rest before heading to Toddys for food and watched a didgereedoo band. We then went onto another funky bar called Bo-jangles that had all sorts of crazy stuff on the walls.
Last day in Alice springs was spent catching up with my aunt and her friend before taking the train to Darwin. i was really impressed with the Ghan, pretty comfy seats for economy, hot showers and a restaurant.
A few of us got together and played cards for a while, we played poker using salt and pepper sachets instead of real money:) Slept most of the night and then next morning there was a few hours stop over in Katherine. Went for a quick walk but cut it short as it was about 37 degrees and only 9am. Sat in the shade to cool down for a while with some cold drink before getting back on the train again. Got to darwin late in the evening so just took it easy for the night.

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Perth - Margaret River


Finished up work and had a farewell lunch in an Irish bar Durty Nellys. They even had irish stew which was pretty good. We all had a few drinks with lunch so not much work was done that afternoon. The next day i headed for Margaret river to check out the beaches and see the winery's. Checked in yha which was 1.5k outside the town. Booked onto a wine tour for the next morning so took it easy that evening. The next day I got picked up by the Wine for dudes bus and we visited 3 winery's, found out how to examine and test wine and we blended some wine ourselves using Cabernet and Merlot. Also got to taste some cheese, chocolate and the tour ended at a brewery where we got to taste some beer.
Went to one of the local bars Stradlers that evening an played some pool. Had a look around one of the beaches and saw some serious surfers on the waves, its meant to be one of the top surfing spots in oz.
Spent the last few days in Perth saying goodbye to people and preparing for off. Had a big dinner at the house on my last night washed down with some white wine.

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random trip to singapore


Arrived in Singapore early in the morning at the Budget Terminal so had to bus it to the proper terminal to get breakie and a train to the city. Navigated the way to the hostel "The Inncrowd backpackers" where we met a few germans and canadians. We spent an entire day walking threw the markets and sampling some of the food and fruit juices, went to the esplanade, raffles hotel and in the evening took a trip to the zoo where we did the night safari.
Got to see crocodiles, elephants, snakes get to see everything as you sit on a tram and at the end you are walking through the rainforest in the dark so you can take your time and look at everything. They also put on a show and they get some of the animals performing on stages, they let loose a snake into the audience, we were so glad that it didn't go anywhere near us, horrible things!
Got a ferry to one of the islands Pulau Ubin, had some trouble getting the bus driver to understand me but got off at the Changi ferry port in the end. The bumboats don't go at a particular time they just wait until they 12 people to fill the boat. once you get there you can rent out bikes and cycle around the island, it's quite small so you can take your time and stop off at points along the way, there are coconut trees and banana trees growing everywhere.
Got to eat fresh seafood and drink ice cold coconut milk, its really nice on a hot day. Spent the last of singapore shopping before taking a flight back to Perth.

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Australia -Perth


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Noticed the temperature difference straight away as I got off the plane in Perth, nice and warm at 11pm, delighted!! Booked into the Billabong Backpackers which was full of Irish and Germans.
Did some walking around Kingspark and sunbathing at the swan river the first couple of days.
Ran into a crazy guy that was just out of the mines, an “exploration miner' who never shut up for a good three hours. He had us all convinced to go out bush for a few months working in the mines! Had some good nights at the hostel meeting other travellers.
Poor Louise got the flu so we decided to buy some whiskey and spent an evening making hot whiskeys and Irish coffees to try and cure her:) I picked up some shifts waiting tables in a restaurant so that kept me busy in the evenings for a while, I learnt how to make good coffee and espressos came in handy when I was after having a late night. One night some customers gave me their details in Sydney and said they I could stay there whenever I get there!!
Found an apartment in the suburbs a few miles from the city and it has TV, broadband, bbq etc so its pretty cool, Went on some day trips on my days off to Rottnest Island, Cottesloe & Scarborough beaches & Fremantle.
I was working with some Irish and other backpackers from Korea & Europe so had good time on nights out after work at the karaoke bar:)
Got offered some contract work so packed in the waitressing, had a week to spare so took a cheap flight to Singapore with Kahina a girl I was waitressing with and one of her mates.

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Australia -Melbourne


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Hi all. Its been a while since I updated this. I arrived in Melbourne after a long flight stopping at Cairns, Sydney to get my visa and finally Melbourne. The following day I me up with Louise, Denis and Ruth. We took off on a trip to Philip island to see baby penguins and later that week went to the great ocean road.
Lots of lovely coastal views and we even managed to spot some kanagaroos randomly outside some houses!!
Stayed in Apollo bay for two nights at a really class hostel, lovely couches, open fire, super clean kitchen etc. We went to see the 12 apostles (or the six that are left) and heading towards the Grampians on the last day.
We got back to Melbourne late that night and heading for dinner and a few drinks.
The following day we went to an AFL game in the MCG stadium in Melbourne Hawthowns Vs Collingwood.
The place was jammed, the game is in four parts and goes on for nearly 3 hours, this ave us time to get some beers in.
That evening a went to visit some friends of the family The Kellys in one of the Melbourne suburbs, they gave me a foottie scarf for "The bulldogs" and I'm meant to be supporting them now!
Did some more touristy things in Melbourne after that; went cycling along the beach in St Kilda and visited the Zoo where I got to see a koala for the first time, so furry and cute!!
was really impressed with both the immigration museum and the Melbourne Museum, well worth a visit on a rainy day.Said goodbye to Ruth who was heading back to Ireland. The weather was too cold to stay any longer so got some cheap flights to Perth and took off.

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